Branch AOutline of the Research Project

提供元 理化学研究所

Branch A: Creation and storage of alternative energy resources - Solar cells and artificial photosynthesis

Donor-accepter interface of an organic solar cell.

Our goal in this project is to invent alternative energy resources through highly efficient conversions of the solar power. In order to accomplish this feat, we plan to establish computational methods capable of not only handling reactions with possible spin-recombination in natural- and artificial-photosynthesis, but also designing candidate materials for effective photovoltaics. It is expected that such highly comprehensive methods can provide the essential understanding of water splitting reactions and thus allow an efficient material search. Furthermore, we will develop simulators that can contribute to the material design of solar cells and the morphology/interface controls. We believe these simulators will be able to propose highly efficient solar cells based on new mechanisms including spin control and thermoelectric conversion, and hence significantly contribute to the creation of next-generation energy resources.